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twisted thought

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[May. 22nd, 2005|08:12 pm]
twisted thought


[Voices Be Feelin |bouncybouncy]
[Voices Be Sayin |Skinny Puppy]

OMFG forgot -General-
Name: Alx btw, im sorta hyper.. or pretty hyper.. yeah........... .. . . . *elipse*
Nickname(s): Lexy (dubbed from my echs golf team), Dirty Sanchez
Location:Bellevue, Washington
On a scale of 1-10 (10 is high), how crazy are you really: 7.5ish

-Something or another-
Favorite bands (10 at least):Solitary Experiments, VnV Nation, The Cure, Ministry, Wumpscut, Velvet Acid Christ, Depeche Mode, Chemical Brothers, DJ Tiesto, Skinny Puppy
Favorite Music Genre: industrial, trance, new wave.. stuff?
Favorite Movies (5 at least): Fight Club (feel the clicheness), X men 2, Frida, Alien Versus Predator...., urmm House Of Flying Daggers
Favorite Water Bottle Brand: Dasani (is that how you spell it?)
Favorite book(s): Vampire books... by Anne Rice, and this book called People Watching
Which soda- root beer or coke? Root beer with ice cream.
Can you speak any other language than English? Taglish, yep its a real language, its an option on telephones in teh Flips
Can you swear in any other language? yep
What are your favorite names? Geovani, Kathleen, so if i have kids i can call them kitty.
Favorite color: Neon green, red, blue with the shade black
Who is your idol/hero(s): My x math teacher from ECHS (Miz Norton) cause she can teach a subject i hate AND BE A cool x goth dj..
Favorite Place: The basement, cause its the closest thing from far away.
Favorite Bumper sticker::"You may think i drive slow, but I'm still infront of you"
Favorite oxymoron: Organized Chaos?
What annoys you the most? Ranting, uberfied weird christians that can't leave you a lone (not all christians).
What makes people refer to you as crazy? I can gross out guys.. self controll is something i cant really take a true grasp on.. and most of the time im not ashamed. I like to indulge in mountain dew, which makes me really really really hyper, like right now
Happy Story: *twitch* uhmmmm... ha i really dont have any stories in mind.. so bear with me..
im deficit n my friend is emo

emokid419: how many words did you ahve?
emokid419: my final tally was 777
DeficitLove: uhh
DeficitLove: including title?
emokid419: yeah sure
DeficitLove: 780
DeficitLove: ur pwnd
emokid419: OMG

Sad Story: Im deficit, n primal is my bf

  PrimalVenom88: i totally love your rack
PrimalVenom88: i mean
PrimalVenom88: your
PrimalVenom88: eyes
PrimalVenom88: yeah...
DeficitLove: haha
PrimalVenom88: ... can i touch them....?
DeficitLove: hahahahah
DeficitLove: MY EYES?
DeficitLove: WEIRDO!
PrimalVenom88: oh right
PrimalVenom88: yeah
PrimalVenom88: eyes
PrimalVenom88: .. yeah
DeficitLove: i have to confess..
DeficitLove: i <3 your rack..
PrimalVenom88: i dont have one!
DeficitLove: ... really?
DeficitLove: oo whoops wrong window
PrimalVenom88: .. ill be over there crying now
DeficitLove: would it make any difference if i were saying that to a boy?
PrimalVenom88: .... yes....
DeficitLove: oo.. it was to a girl.
PrimalVenom88: still...
DeficitLove: ...
DeficitLove: uhh i gtg
PrimalVenom88: but.. you hurt my feelings and stuff
DeficitLove: k bye

Crazy Story:

emokid419: :-(
emokid419: am i ugly alex? :'(
DeficitLove: no
DeficitLove: you are adowable
emokid419: omg are you calling me fat now?
DeficitLove: yes
DeficitLove: i find fat people cute
emokid419: :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
DeficitLove: :-D

Favorite Quote: 'NOOOOOOAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW"- Darth Vader *clicky*               haha check this out 
Piercing's: 4 regular ones.. in the ear, and one cartilidge in the ear
Piercing's to come: i want lip n eyebrow.. AND AN INDUSTRIAL PIERCING

-Opinions & Views:
World Leaders: pretty vauge, but uhh in my opinion Bush is prettty ignorant, yet that is pretty cliche... he needs more experience.. but not on the time of our country.. =_=
Homosexual Marriage: If a person loves another person let it be.
Public Transportation vs. Personal Car: Ha.. its not really safe to put me on the road.. i sorta have a lacking attention span.... so for the peoples sake im going with public.
Abortion: In majority of cases, its not our right to take the life of another, but in cases such as horrble mutations such as cycloptia and what not, were a baby has no chance of survival, i think it would be compatible for that situation.
What would your first move be if you were suddenly in control of the world?   From a quote from my friend "take the warning labels off everything, and have the people darwanise them selves"
Vegatarianism/Veganism: Personally im a meat eater through culture, but if someone doesn't want to eat meat, they no one should critcize them.

-The real fun:
Why should you be in this group? Because i have too much free time.. and im pretty much over the line of being pretty darn psychotic. Also im sorta random..
How did you stumble across this community? i forget... but i know it wasnt too long ago..  OO links.
What makes you out of the box? Out of the ordinary? That is really hard to say, i guess the easy way is, give me your address and I'll show you.
Campaign Slogan for why we should vote you in: VIVA LA REVOLUTION
Anything else that you wish too add: check this out     and this     a nintendo thing SO AWSOME MUST SEE
What do you think this community Needs: tetris
promote at least twice, give links: [none of that 'if i am accepted' crap]



Three pics of you-
1. Visible

I have a frock coat! So i look like a pirate..

2. For a member page that will come soon

3. just one for the heck of it


yah i reallly like pirates..
Favorite Shoes: hahah...

I seriously have those.. good for some major ass kickage..
Favorite thing in the whole world: for ye tetris lovers out there
Something Funny: this..
Something CRAZY: CONAN

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[User Picture]From: kawaii_alx
2005-05-23 05:54 pm (UTC)

Re: yeh sure

haha boo awsome concept though.
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