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TTFN [Nov. 25th, 2004|08:32 pm]
twisted thought


Hey guys...

I just wanted to wish you all good luck with the new community. I hope things go well with it. I came here looking for good time fun crazies, which I did find (YAY!!!) but I really can't stand what a stuck up, know it all, preaching, snot winter_a_go_go is, so I'm bailing. I have very thick skin, but, he just pushes my every single pet peeve button. So I'm done wasting time with him. Plus this place is too new, so I don't want to see it get fucked up over dumb shit.

I'll still throw promotions your way cause this place has a lot of potential. Thanks for having me! I feel bad, but I have enough fuckin' twits to put up with every day. winter_a_go_go never fixed the title of his application, instead, he decided to sound off to me about 'ignorance' - so instead of getting into this debate with him any further, I'm outta here. BTW... his title still isn't fixed.

I'll add a few of you to my friends list though cause you FUCKIN ROCK!!!!!

WERD!!! And like I said... good luck with the place!!! Great idea!